By Abdul-Aziz Bin Abdullah Bin Baz, Muhammad Bin Ali Bin Ibrahim Al-Arfaj

Certainly, all compliment is for Allah, we compliment Him, repent to Him, and search His forgiveness and aid. We search shelter in Allah from the evil of our personal selves and our depraved deeds. Whomsoever Allah courses, none can lead off beam; and whomsoever Allah leaves off track, none can advisor. and that i endure witness that none has the perfect to be worshipped other than Allah on my own, and He has no companion; and that i endure witness that our Prophet Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. could Allah, ship peace and advantages upon him, his relatives and his partners until eventually the Day of judgment. certainly Allah Almighty has safe this faith and raised its prestige one of the countries, sending to the area the ultimate Messenger, Muhammad , and with him the ultimate and so much whole faith - as Allah Almighty says: at the present time, i've got perfected your faith for you, accomplished My desire upon you, and feature selected for you Islam as your religion.Allah Almighty has made the students inheritors of the Prophets; they clarify to the folks their spiritual tasks they usually enlighten them, in order that their worship of Allah Almighty is predicated on wisdom and perception. One such pupil, whom the Muslims lately misplaced, is the noble Shaikh and Imam, 'Abdul-'Aziz bin 'Abdullah bin Baz - may perhaps Allah Almighty have mercy on him, for he spent his existence in wisdom, in instructing, in passing scholarly judgments and rulings. yet over and above his wisdom, he used to be a guy who was once righteous and pious; he sought little from this global, and his manners have been actually noble. From the various works within which the Shaikh served the several branches of Islamic wisdom - 'Aqidah, Fiqh, Hadith, Da'wah, and so forth - is that this extremely important paintings, "Important classes for each Muslim", a booklet that's a lot wanted this day simply because such a lot of Muslims lack a clutch at the basics of the faith, by way of trust, worship, and manners.Seeking present, trying to gain others, and looking to practice the Hadith: the simplest of individuals is he who advantages others so much. i made a decision to provide an explanation for this crucial ebook, increasing at the transparent techniques and ideas pointed out via the Shaikh. In explaining and increasing at the Shaikh's phrases, I relied seriously, first upon Allah Almighty, after which upon the numerous different works of the Shaikh himself. I selected to provide an explanation for the reproduction published by way of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Preaching and tips; it's the final version that used to be revealed throughout the lifetime of the Shaikh - may possibly Allah have mercy upon him. I selected it since it is the simplest reproduction when it comes to association and modifying; furthermore, it has an extra part related to Ihsan. To additional support and inspire the reader - no matter if he's a scholar, instructor, caller to Islam, male, or woman - I inserted questions for every lesson (at the top of the book), to aid the coed either comprehend and digest the material.I ask Allah Almighty by means of His attractive Names and so much excessive Attributes to rectify our intentions and to make our youngsters righteous, and to supply us sincerity in speech and in deed; certainly, he's the single upon Whom we depend, and he's such a lot able to answering our prayers. And the final of our supplications is that every one compliment is because of Allah, the Lord of all that exists. Muhammad bin 'Ali Al-'Arfaj(May Allah forgive him, his mom and dad, and all Muslims).

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