Some time past few years, the physique of experimental paintings at the constitution, functionality and meeting techniques of mitochondria has increased speedily. not anyone individual can think himself or herself thoroughly in charge of the burgeoning literature with no owning critical omissions or blind spots. within the current monograph i've got tried a serious overview of the literature. i feel that the typical thread of unmarried authorship outweighs the shortcomings of 1 individual offering many disparate viewpo,ints. it's my desire that the tip product represents a complete and coordinated evaluate of the subject material to the current date. even if the majority of this monograph used to be accomplished by way of October 1974, i've got made a few makes an attempt to replace a number of of the sections at later occasions. Albany, N. Y. , November 1975 H. TEDESCHI Contents A. constitution of Mitochondria 1. basic association . a) traditional skinny part Electron Microscopy b) unfavorable Staining ideas . three c) Freeze-Cleavage . . . . . . . four 2. certain association and Inclusions 10 a) Prismatic or extraordinary Cristae 10 b) Filaments and Tubules . . eleven c) Amorphous Inclusions 12 d) Intramitochondrial Granules 12 e) DNA Containing Fibers 14 three. Topography of the Mitochondrial Transducing structures 15 B. The meeting of Mitochondria 18 1. Mitochondrial DNA and Its Genetic function 19 2. Transcription of the Mitochondrial DNA . 28 a) mRNA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 b) The equipment for Transcription and Translation 32 c) Turnover of Mitochondrial RNA 36 three. Protein Synthesis . . . . . . . . 37 a) Mitochondrial Protein Synthesis and Its features 37 b) function of Mitochondrial Protein Synthesis . .

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