Why a bee-friendly garden is so important

Why a bee-friendly garden is so important

Have you seen them in the garden, bees and bumblebees. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about bees. Still, they are very useful and certainly not only for honey. You see fewer and fewer bees, which is why it’s so important for people to have a bee-friendly garden. Just to help the bee.

But how do you create one? bee friendly garden?

Why a bee-friendly garden

Bees are important for our nature. Bees and bumblebees pollinate the flowers and crops and the honey bee, which makes honey. Let me be honest right off the bat, it’s only now that I’ve started a vegetable garden this year that I realize how important the bee is.

Only now do I see the benefit of the many blooming flowers in the garden. This is also why I am interested in the bee and a bee-friendly garden.

How is it possible that bees disappear

Bees are disappearing, which is partly because so many people nowadays build low-maintenance gardens. No green is no bee, so to speak. Because of the many stones in the gardens you see less and less flowering plants and the bee and the bumblebee suffer from this.

What can I do for the bee

It’s really not that you need a very large garden or have to be a huge fan of gardening to make your garden bee-friendly. It is very easy to plant bee-friendly perennials or place a bee hotel in the garden.

What plants do they like?

You can make a bee happy with different flowering plants and flowers. And even though you may not like gardening much, you don’t need to do more than water it in the summer. Try to choose bee-friendly plants in different species so they have variety and also choose plants that bloom at different times.

But I have a balcony

Whether you have a big garden, a small garden or a balcony, you can help make the bee happy everywhere you go. Because even on a balcony you can choose bee-friendly plants and besides making the bees happy, you make yourself happy too. Nothing looks better than a balcony full of flowering plants.

A few bee-friendly plants and flowers are

  • Sage
  • Storkbek
  • Lavender
  • Sunflowers
  • Cornflowers
  • wild thyme

If you want more bees in your garden or on your balcony, look for an insect hotel

Working together for more bees and bumblebees in gardens

You might not think about it, but bees and bumblebees are just as important as many other insects. Not only is it useful to have plants in your garden, it is also great fun. Because even if you have tiles in the garden, some flowering plants just makes for a brighter look.

So if we all now take care of more flowers and plants in the garden together, the bees and bumblebees will come back too.

Luckily there are also many books written about bees. Read more, you can find several books here