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Why a bigger rain barrel in the garden comes in handy

If you have a rain barrel in your garden and it’s not that big, you might also be one of the many people looking for a bigger rain barrel. You hear and see more and more that people like to collect rainwater and logically so, because there are plenty of advantages to rainwater. Where to buy a good and larger rain barrel?

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Why a larger tank

The reason people choose a rain barrel in the garden is often because rainwater is free. It contains less calcium than drinking water, which makes plants very happy and collecting rainwater is good for the environment. However, people who already have a tank often want a larger tank because they quickly run out of water with the one they have and because the rains are heavier nowadays and periods of drought last longer.

What should I have

The Dutch supplier of NatureĀ® rain barrels, Outside Living, notes that the demand for larger rain barrels has increased significantly over the past two years. And that also sounds logical when you read the above. An idea of a larger rain barrel is a rectangular wall tank of 276 liters. These are designed to attach to the wall and not take up too much space.

At the front there is a tap to fill a bucket or watering can, on the right there is a fill indicator with underneath a tap to empty the tank completely. The rain barrel comes with a connection set to connect the barrel to the drainpipe.

I already have a tub, do I need to buy a new one now

No, if you already have a rain barrel and would like a bigger one, you don’t have to buy a new one right away. People who already have a rain barrel can also connect several barrels together with a connector. Thanks to the connection the overflow of the first barrel goes to the second barrel.

Good for your garden and wallet

A larger rain barrel or at all a rain barrel in the garden is not only good for the garden, after all rainwater is very natural without extra’s, here your flowers and plants will be happy. But collecting rainwater is also very good for your wallet. Finally, rainwater is free and if you see that in recent years summers there has been very little rainfall, you can also figure out how much (rain) water you need for your garden.

All information about Nature’s rain barrels can be found at Outside Living.