Why I am on the donor register

Why I am in the donor registry

Donor Week officially started on Monday. Every year several organizations campaign to recruit donors. This year this campaign is accompanied by a new website; wordookdonor.en. I have been on the donor register since I was 18 years old.

Have you registered yet??

Why I am a donor

I remember well when my aunt needed a new kidney years ago. She would have the greatest chance of success with a relative’s kidney. After various examinations her sister, my youngest aunt, gave her a kidney.

A fantastic gesture which was vital. This is still going well to this day. This event made quite an impression on me. My aunt could fortunately be helped by family but there are so many other people waiting in vain for an organ.

So for me, the choice to register as a donor was a natural one. I got to see up close how important a donor organ can be. Knowing that there is a huge shortage of donor organs, I registered at the age of 18.

Become a donor, what are you waiting for?

This year’s campaign shows, through TV and radio commercials, that everyone could need a donor. The main characters in the commercials have all registered as donors at one time or another in order to help other people after they die. They all thought this was a distant memory. Not knowing that they themselves would one day need a donor organ.

After their organ transplant they now tell their story in the hope to encourage people to register.
Because that’s the only thing being asked during donor week. Get registered. Even if you decide not to become a donor. Currently 42% of the population in the Netherlands is registered.

Of these, only 24% said they wanted to be donors. This percentage should be able to go up? So get registered today, whether or not you want to be a donor.

Are you already registered in the donor registry? Why or why not?

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