Why good protection phone

Why proper protection for my phone is necessary

Since day one that I have a cell phone, I have had a case on my phone. I really need that, because I’m a bit of a klutz. Someone who drops a lot, I’ll say it nicely. Now a mobile used to be much less vulnerable than nowadays. But even with my first phone I had a cover for protection.

So this is purely in your own interest. But how glad I am that nowadays you can buy such nice, cheerful cases for a nice price.

If you drop something of value

I always blame my bad eyes, but that’s not entirely true. Or that’s not true at all, I’d better say. Ever since I was a kid I can manage to break dishes, drop glasses and have vague accidents.

The other day, a glass of lemonade falls off the table because my foot gets caught behind a ball of wool.

And there went my phone

Sometimes I can be stubborn. A few years ago I didn’t think it was necessary to put my phone in a case. At swimming class, I briefly put it in my back pocket. You guessed it. I sat down on the bench in the dressing room and there went my phone.

On the hard floor, crack the glass. I could cry. What a shame this was.

Always protect my phone

Over the years my phone has become quite a possession of mine, something that, to be honest, I can’t do without anymore. Because I always have my phone in my bag – in addition to my keys – I just have to put a case on it. I don’t want to think about damaging my phone.

Because my case needed replacement I looked for a new case for my phone . I ended up with an Iphone X case with sweets on it. Really quite ‘me’. I consciously choose a bookcase case.

Precisely because it is always in my bag and I do not want to damage my phone. I find it ideal that you can store bank cards in it. Protection for your phone doesn’t have to be boring either.

That may have been true in the early years, but today you have so much choice is protection for your phone. The price is certainly not a luxury. Cases like this cost € 13.95.

Much more choice

This online store where I succeeded so well for my phone offers a wide range of phone cases. So you can also come here for an iPhone 8 case or Samsung Galaxy S9 case. As I wrote before for the price you don’t have to miss out on changing your cover once in a while.

Do you also have multiple phone cases and alternate them as well?