Why exercise is healthy for kids (and adults)

Why sports is healthy for kids (and adults)

Sport is healthy? It really is and we all know it. But sports is also important. Not only for a good condition but also for social contacts.

The group experience, learning to win and lose. Not only is exercise healthy, it has many other good functions.

Looking for a new sport

Earlier I wrote that the boys would stop playing soccer. For one after the fifth season of soccer and the other after the third season. I was fine with her wanting to quit.

Because I can well imagine that at some point they want something else. But I do want them to keep exercising. To my luck this became athletics. I did athletics for years and always enjoyed it.

The diversity keeps it fun. That was my personal opinion. I didn’t push the boys but did encourage them to give it a try.

And after three training sessions they were convinced, this is their new sport.

Shy child

With the youngest it was still difficult in the beginning. He finds it difficult to make contact in a new group and is very shy. So after the first training he said he really likes athletics, but wasn’t sure yet. During the second practice I saw him chatting with other kids and during the third practice I even saw him frolicking with another boy.

It sometimes takes a little longer, but he always gets there and is now also totally enthusiastic.

Why sports is healthy

Why sports is so important? Yes because exercising is healthy, that is the main reason. The boys have one hour of gym class a week, we live close to school so are always walking back and forth.

In itself not much exercise, so, that’s why I like sports so much. But of course those are not the only reasons. Working out is just fine for the following reasons:

  • Sports improve fitness
  • Counteracts obesity
  • Is good for self-confidence
  • Learning to deal with losing and winning
  • Kids make new friends

From what age can your child start playing sports

Most parents like to see their child go to swimming lessons before the next sport And that’s quite understandable. Yet there are a lot of sports on offer from the age of four, think toddler gym or toddler judo. And let me be honest, those sports competitions they do, is super fun to watch.

Which sport your child chooses

We know that sports are healthy. Almost every sport your child can join three times to see if he or she likes it. They also have a yearly introduction to sports.

Children can try out a sport they like for 5 euros (I think).

In sports it is important that children are not pushed but encouraged. Sports should be fun after all!. Is your child still looking for a fun sport??

You can find all the sports there are!