Why swimming with your baby is good

Why swimming with your baby is good

Swimming, every child likes it, even babies’s. Did you know there is a Guppy diploma?? Guppy swimming is designed for the very little ones where they get to know and experience the water together with mom and dad. For swimming with your baby is a good idea.

Why? You can read it here.

The swimming pools are open again

Because of the corona, the indoor pools were closed. As of June, step 4 has been introduced, which means further relaxation. Parent and child can swim again and school swimming is also possible.

There is still a limit to the number of people per room. So check carefully before you go swimming what the rules are at the moment.

Good for the baby

It is great that the pools are open again, even for babies’s, because how fun -and good- it is to swim with your baby. Swimming together with the parent is good for the baby’s motor skills. Constant activity in the water promotes physical development.

The baby instinctively learns that it can move in the water. In addition to physicality, coordination skills and perception are increased. Exercise also has a positive impact on cardiovascular health and boosts the immune system.

Babies can enter the pool early

You can swim with your baby pretty soon. After the first vaccinations, swimming is in fact allowed. A baby will find the water pleasant after the initial habituation because it is similar to the situation in the womb. The water has a temperature of about 33 degrees.

It is a moment of rest and relaxation for the baby. For the parent it also has a positive effect because it strengthens the bond between child and parent.

Swimming diapers

For the baby there are special diapers that prevent feces from entering the water. Peeing is not absorbed. Baby swim diapers do not absorb moisture because otherwise the diaper would fill up with water from swimming. It does make sense to change the baby shortly before and after swimming.

Because of the water, baby will pee to its heart’s content.

The first diploma

Water fun often lasts half an hour. Some swimming associations issue a special certificate; the guppy diploma. This diploma can go straight into the baby book.

After the first birthday, there are several toddler swimming programs. At a later age elementary school children get to swim again. It is important for young children to be able to save themselves in the water.

Every year children still drown and this can be prevented when children get at least swimming certificate A.

Swimming with your baby, a good idea

Young children are especially at risk. This can be prevented by removing fear of water and teaching children the basic movements of swimming. I also went swimming with the boys.

There was a special half hour scheduled at the pool for this and both the boys and I really enjoyed it. Being active together with your baby in a warm pool is a very nice time. Highly recommended.