Why nice weather doesn’t have to be an obstacle to study

Why nice weather does not have to be an obstacle to study

It is nice weather and you are busy with your studies, how difficult is that. When it is so beautifully sunny few people choose to stay indoors. And rightly so, because we never know how long the nice weather will stay in Holland.

But what if you have to study?

Doing an exam practice

Still, there are some people who spend a lot of time inside studying during this period in particular. The completion of the school year, the final exams, taking the last exams, studying or writing a thesis. Maybe your children are affected too.

In any case, it takes just a little more mental strength to make enough time for school or study even in these weather conditions. Why you should send them outside right now?


I always feel like I never actually stopped studying. I always study or do a course. I already did this as a nurse, but even when I decided to become a stay-at-home mom, I took a course to become a weight consultant. I took a course to learn to blog better and am now doing a course in illustration. A folder full of theory and assignments I have now and after every 10 chapters I have to hand in drawing assignments.

In between I practice a lot. I notice with this nice weather lately, I’m having trouble balancing between drawing inside and relaxing. Now of course I can draw outside, but don’t usually allow myself this rest.

The balance between work and play

Whether they enjoy it or not, sometimes children or adults have their head in the books too much. Absolutely nothing wrong with a good work attitude, but studying for too long is not conducive to concentration. The attention span decreases very rapidly after half an hour.

Information is remembered less well and being able to concentrate becomes increasingly difficult. Just scrolling through social media on your phone or watching movies on Youtube is not enough. Getting away from the study spot to go for a walk or have a drink in another room is much more effective.

So sitting at home busy working, get them off the books once in a while. And even better: go out with them. Distraction means giving the brain time to process all the information.

This way information is eventually stored more effectively.

The added value of an outdoor break

Not only studying children who are busy with their studies or exams, but also working adults benefit greatly from breaks in the outdoors. How often do you see office workers walking around after lunch?? A musty study or work space, especially at the end of the morning, contains much less oxygen. At some point it can feel oppressive or make you feel dull.

Stepping out of this and filling your lungs with oxygen-rich air will get your organs going again. The brain also gets a boost, which can prevent an after-lunch dip. And this is a real must, especially for children where there are a lot of expectations at the moment.

Study outside as much as possible

Often you do not have the opportunity to be outside constantly during a working day in employment. Does your work allow it and do you have a balcony or garden? Excellent!

Also if the kids can set up their study spot here, this is ideal for a successful study day. Not only oxygen-rich air will play a positive role. The sun’s UV light also has several beneficial side effects. For example, Uv light has a slightly disinfecting effect that makes bacteria and viruses less likely to survive outdoors.

No wonder fewer people are ill in summer! Being outside in the sun can make you more resistant to pathogens.

UV light and vitamin D

Under the influence of UV light, the body is able to produce vitamin D under the skin. Vitamin D is a vitamin that promotes the production of calcium. Growing children and elderly people in particular therefore benefit greatly from plenty of sunlight.

It is an important foundation for strong bones and good teeth. Sits the kids inside to cram for their studies? Pull them out and put them out on the balcony or in the garden (under an umbrella). It benefits them in more ways than one!

Who says learning and being outdoors don’t go well together?

Exams start again on Thursday! Do you have children in college or are you studying?? Then take these tips with you.