What can you do when hard water causes limescale

What can you do when hard water causes scale build-up

Do you live in an area where hard water is? Then you may suffer from limescale in your household appliances. A water softener can be a good investment, but how does it work and what are the costs??

I checked it all out.

Hard water and limescale

We live in an area with hard water and we definitely notice it. Our coffee machine needs a new filter regularly. The kettle needs frequent descaling and you see scale in the bathroom.

We often say to each other that we have to do something about this. But how does a water softener work and not unimportantly, what is the price structure water softener.

Why choose a water softener

Why choose a water softener and how do you know if you have hard water at home?? Hard water is reflected in the limescale in your kettle, for example. But I also see it here at home by the toilet, where we have a black sink and the scale keeps coming back on it no matter how often I clean it. To keep your appliances in one piece a water softener can be a good investment.

Water softeners are machines that filter the water with resin beads. These hard granules absorb the magnesium and calcium from the water.

We do need lime

Now, by the way, not all the calcium is removed from the water. We do need calcium, but there is a big difference between hard water and water that contains calcium.

Choosing electric or mechanical

The water softener is placed after the water meter. This could be in the meter box, utility room, garage or in a stairwell closet. Think well in advance where you want the water softener to be placed. A water softener can be electric or mechanical. An electronic water softener has multiple programs and adapts to the water usage of a household.

A mechanical softener rinses only when necessary. An electric one is more expensive to buy but has more settings.

What does it cost?

It depends on the size of your household how big the water softener should be. The cost of a water softener ranges from about €750 for a mechanical and €950 for an electric softener. Also keep in mind that installing the water softener costs money. Even after placement you will still incur costs, think of maintenance. Although you can do this maintenance yourself.

Then, of course, you’re better off.

Keep your appliances in one piece

Buying a water softener is pricey, but think about what the hard water can do to your appliances. The amount of water filters you put in your coffee machine, kettles that need descaling and more. So it’s definitely a consideration worth thinking about.