What to do in Hamburg

What to do in Hamburg?

Have you ever been to Hamburg? We went here for a weekend and enjoyed this beautiful and diverse city immensely. But what can you do here?

Citytrip with children

When we were in Paris last year, we discovered how much the boys enjoyed visiting a city. We didn’t really expect this, but on the other hand, they are getting older and starting to appreciate city trips more as well. And as part of ‘we want to do fun things with our family more often’, we went to Hamburg for a weekend.

What to see and do here ? With handy tips in a row.

Weekends are over in a flash

The weekends and days off are always over in no time and although it is great to just be at home, we also enjoy going out with the boys. After last year Paris was such a success, we finally decided to go to Hamburg. Finally, because we have been saying for years that we want to go here one day.

Model trains fans

I have three model train fans in my house. The man has his own layout and is also infecting the boys with this virus. In Hamburg you have one of the largest model railroads in the world. .The real reason for our weekend trip was Miniatur Wunderland, but to our surprise, Hamburg also turned out to be incredibly beautiful.

What to do in Hamburg

But what is there to do in Hamburg and especially with children. First of all, everything in Hamburg is within walking distance and if you did get tired of all that walking, the U-bahn is a great and quick alternative. We found a hotel about a fifteen-minute walk from the train station. This was a fine hotel, clean and spacious room for the four of us.

We arrived on Friday around three o’clock and decided to explore the city right away. Since we like to walk, we went on foot and saw where we ended up. From the station we walked straight into the city.

To the town hall and the Sankt Nicolleikirche and ended at a restaurant near Havencity.

On Saturdays we first went to Miniatur Wunderland and then walked via the most photographed little bridge to the tunnel under the Elba. I will list everything below.

1.The town hall (Rathaus)

One of the most beautiful buildings in Hamburg is the town hall which is located in the center of Altstadt. It was built between 1886-1897 after the previous one burned down in 1842. The building has 647 rooms, rivaling a large palace like Buckingham Palace.

The lobby regularly hosts concerts or exhibitions.

2. Sankt Nicoleikirche

The Sankt Nikolaikirche was a large church in the center of Hamburg, in the Altstadt. World War II bombing turned the church building into a ruin. The 147-meter Nikolaiturm, once for a short time the tallest structure in the world, does still stand.

The ruins are among the main attractions of the city.


Hafencity ( the most beautiful district in Hamburg)


The Speicherstadt is a complex of warehouses built between 1883 and 1927 on a series of islets in the Elbe riverbed. The storage area is part of an older part of the port of Hamburg. Speicherstadt, meaning city of warehouses. it is a beautiful part of Hamburg.

Here you will find a lot of theater, art, architecture and museums. We also found Miniatur Wunderland in one of these beautiful buildings.

4. Poggenmühlenbrücke

From what I understand, the Poggenmühlenbrücke is the place, from where the Speigerstadt is most photographed and when we got there it was also crowded. It was well worth the walk. What a beautiful view.


St Paulie and the Elba

5.St Puaulis Landungsbrücken and St-Pauli-Elbetunnel

The St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken is a passenger terminal. Here you can board the many river and harbor tour boats. Close to the terminal is also the northern entrance to the St. Lawrence River. Pauli-Elbtunnel.

This tunnel, also called Alter Elbe Tunnel, runs under the Elbe River. Built in 1911, the tunnel is nearly 450 meters long and its bottom is 24 meters below ground level. It is located between the city center and the wharves and quays south of the Elbe. To reach the tunnel tubes, four elevators have been installed on both sides of the river.

The elevators bring pedestrians and cyclists down and up. There is also a staircase.

The tunnel is free for pedestrians and cyclists throughout the year. On the other side of the Elba you have a view of the city, but just walking through the tunnel was an experience. The entrance to the tunnel can be found just next to the terminal.

Tips for eating and drinking

During the days we were in Hamburg we ate at two restaurants. Both very different. We were very surprised by the rather low prices.

Of both food and drink.