What is the ideal gift for online gamers

What is now the ideal gift for online gamers

Do you have online gamers in the house and occasionally don’t know what to give for a birthday. For which games are currently hot? What else do they need for the Nintendo?

In this article you will read all about the ideal gift for the online gamers!

Online Gamers

Maybe you are an online gamer yourself and like to play a game on the Nintendo. Or is it the kids at home or your partner who likes to play that one game. How difficult is it to know which game is your favorite now and where to buy it? The ideal gift for online gamers is an eShop game card with nintendo shop credit. The eShop Gamecard can be purchased in various amounts.

So you can choose fifteen euros, twenty-five or fifty euros shop to good, but you can also buy an eShop Gamecard from the nintendo shop for 75 euros to good or 100 euros.

What is the eShop gamecard

What is such an eShop Gamecard? You have the Nintendo shop, this is a digital store where online gamers can find information about the latest games, download free demos’s and buy digital software. This software does not come in a card that you place in the Nintendo, but comes with a code.

You can easily type in this code on the Nintendo itself. After downloading, the online gamer can play the game immediately.

The advantage of the eShop Gamecard is that it is a quick, easy and safe alternative to credit cards. Online gamers can easily buy their favorite game and play it right away.

How a gamecard works

  1. Turn on the Nintendo Switch and navigate in the main menu to ‘Nintendo eShop’ (at the bottom of the screen).
  2. Choose your Nintendo account to access the Nintendo eShop.
  3. In the Nintendo eShop menu, choose the ‘Use Code’ option;.
  4. Enter the 16-character download code and follow further on-screen instructions.

Play together or alone

I also have online gamers here at home and not only do the teenagers love playing games on the Nintendo Switch, I’m a fan too. This is how I play Harvest Moon One World every night on the Nintendo Switch. But the four of us also often play Super Mario Party.

So online gaming on the Nintendo is not just solo play, there are an awful lot of games available where you can challenge each other and compete.

The ideal gift

So if you are still looking for an ideal gift for online gamers, definitely consider the eShop Gamecard for the Nintendo. Ideal for the gamer to buy his or her own game or subscription. A gift that always scores!