Why a walk-in shower is indispensable in your bathroom!

Why a walk-in shower is indispensable in your bathroom!

When you want to install a new bathroom, it is wise to think about what you do and do not want and how big the space is. How do you want to furnish your bathroom and is a walk-in shower perhaps a wise choice?

A walk-in shower in the bathroom

When we renovated our bathroom a few years ago we thought very carefully about the space we had. Our bathroom is not large, so we wanted it to be as practical as possible. The bath went out and a walk-in shower came in.

Mainly because it is safe and practical.

The choice of a bath or shower

A bathroom needs a shower. Luxury bathrooms also have a bathtub so there is a choice to wash yourself standing up or sitting down. By the way, many people use a shower after bathing.

But what to choose? A walk-in shower or a tub with or without a cabin?

Choosing a walk-in shower

According to TNO NIPO, about 40 percent of Dutch households have a bathtub. Most bathrooms have a separate shower. The advantage of a walk-in shower is that it works spatially in the bathroom. A cabin is basically an enclosed space that makes most bathrooms look smaller.

Walk-in showers have no threshold which is a great advantage for seniors and small children. This reduces the chance of a fall and makes you feel safe. Do use floor tiles with a rough, non-slip texture.

Flexible and almost always fits

Another advantage is that a walk-in shower always fits into the space. Because you are not bound to standard dimensions you make optimal use of the available space. There are some drainage requirements. A drainage channel is best suited, but it requires the drain to be recessed into the floor.

It allows the shower water to flow away properly and quickly so the bathroom floor does not overflow.

opt for glass

With a walk-in shower, a partial wall is practical. Use a glass shower enclosure. Glass is transparent and therefore does not interrupt the design of the bathroom. A shower cubicle or a stone partition make the space a lot smaller.

So use clear glass as much as possible.

Improve energy consumption

The average person takes 0.8 showers a day. An average shower takes 10 minutes and consumes more than 62 liters of water. Bathrooms are energy guzzlers because of the hot water that passes through them.

On average, 80 percent of all daily hot water comes from the shower head. A water-saving shower head saves about a quarter in energy consumption. Economical is up to 7 liters of nice hot water per minute.

Showering economically, but in a stylish walk-in shower.

A walk-in shower offers many advantages

I myself am very satisfied with our bathroom and am still happy every day with the choices we made then. We certainly didn’t take any chances and looked carefully and measured what was possible in our bathroom. I am very satisfied with the walk-in shower, especially since it no longer has a threshold.

Because the floor slopes very slightly we don’t bother with water not running to the gutter and because the floor is a whole, it is easy to keep clean.