Why I’m going to the Blogger By Nature event again this year

Why I am going to the Blogger By Nature event again this year

Last year I came home after the ‘Blogger By Nature’ event and said to my husband;’Next year I’m going again!’. I was so enthusiastic about this event, had learned so much. When I read on Facebook that there will be another event this year on Saturday, June 2, I immediately put it in my calendar.

Only recently when it became clear that you could sign up, I did so immediately. Still, why am I so excited and recommend this event to every blogger?

Keep learning as a blogger

My blogsite lodiblogt exists two years this week. However in 2010 I started blogging. First I blogged mainly for myself. And blogged for a site during our trip through America and Canada. I started with a free wordpress site, changed my blog name a few times and split my time and blogs between my own site and guestarticles.

In 2016 I decided I wanted to do more blogging. I transferred my site to a host. Changed my name and did a home study in blogging and column writing. As I spent more and more time on my site, professionalizing myself, I saw this reflected in more visitors.

The knowledge I have gained over the years has made me a better blogger. Early this year I stopped my practice and can now spend all my time blogging. Finally my dreams come true.

Why was I so enthusiastic last year

Am I done learning now? No not by a long shot! And the Blogger by Nature event last year is proof of that. Last September was the first Bloggers by Nature event.This took place in Soest at Stayokay. A great location for the event.

I signed up for the advanced SEO presentation and three other presentations. Among other things about the partner program of BOL. In between I was able to meet different PR agencies and potential clients at the networking plaza.

During the event I met several bloggers. Bloggers I knew by name and blog, but now talked to in real life. Even though I have been blogging for a long time, I learned a lot at this event. I came home that evening not only with a well-stocked goodie bag, but especially with a head full of new ideas to get more out of my blog.

I then started working almost immediately with all the tips and tricks and clearly noticed an improvement in my blog.

Why this event is such a success

Now I’m super excited, but following me was everyone who attended this event. The ones I spoke to, but also from all the blogs I read later, just radiated enthusiasm. Why was this event such a success?

Looking at myself, I noticed that I really enjoy meeting other bloggers. To spar together and exchange ideas. But also the topics were super clearly explained and already during the presentations gave me idea to apply improvements to my blog.

This event was set up by three bloggers. Bloggers who know what we – other bloggers- are looking for and do miss in knowledge and expertise.

The program

The program looks very promising again this year. The first presentation is an SEO presentation, followed by lunch and after this you can follow different presentations. In addition, this time again you go to the networking square.

Giving up

Have you not signed up yet, but are you excited after reading this article, Until March 1 you still pay the Early Birds ticket. For more information, visit the Blogger by Nature site.