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Why camping with a tent?

Some like to go camping with a tent, while others absolutely hate to think about it. Some like to go to the beach and others prefer a city trip. Everyone has their own idea of how to spend their vacation.

My ideal vacation

My ideal vacation, is with the tent, abroad and there should be mountains, rocks and a pool (for the children) are present.

Vacation is camping

When I was young, my father was a teacher. We often went on vacation for six weeks during the summer. Frankly, I thought this was ‘just’normal.

Until I found out that three weeks of summer vacation was a more normal occurrence. Every year we went camping. Austria, France or Italy , were the countries we went to, because even then there had to be mountains nearby. Camping has been thrown in our lot. Because when my sister was four and I was two, my parents both quit their jobs. we then went traveling for three months, with the tent, through England.

In the seventies, this was still quite unusual. So I’m no stranger to travel

Camping in a tent

We still go camping. Luckily for me, I found a husband who, like me, loves hiking in the mountains and climbing. That’s why the vacation destinations here are always chosen quickly.

Why I love camping? I think the freedom. The freedom of camping.

The children who play all day on the lawn or in the playground, can swim if they want and just have space. Earlier I wrote about why it is so much fun to camp with children. Not everyone will agree with this either.

And fortunately, of course.

Choose something different

We camp with a tent. This tent is quick to set up and easy to pack up again. Not everyone likes camping with a tent.

And now you don’t have to. Because if you want the camping feeling, but not in a tent, you have safari tents, hiker’s huts, mobile homes or chalets. You can find these on many campsites at home and abroad.

Hiker’s hut

A few years ago I spent a weekend in Callantsoog with the boys. My husband was away for a few days and I couldn’t put up the tent by myself. I then decided to book a cabin. The boys loved it and I booked a cabin for this summer vacation as well.

During the vacations the boys are going on a sailing camp in Friesland for a few days and because the boys need care they cannot stay overnight there. So for that reason I once again booked a hiker’s hut. Much to the delight of the boys and for me no hassle with pitching the tent, but the freedom and space of camping.

Cottage, hotel or apartment

During the fall vacation we would like to climb, For this we – will have to drive a long way for good weather- though. Camping is no do, so in recent years we choose a cottage. For a week I find this ideal. Just because you have the freedom to do whatever you want. But also the luxury of a cottage.

So you see there is enough choice to have a nice vacation both at home and abroad. There is something for everyone that fits well and that can also mean staying at home just fine this summer vacation.

Are you a camper? Or would you rather go to an apartment or something else?

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