What to wear. The Spring and Summer collection 2019

What to wear. The Spring and Summer collection 2019

How fun, was this. One day I was at the Samplesale4kids, where I was looking for a winter sweater for the eldest and the other day I was looking at the spring-summer collection 2019. It may all seem a bit early, after all, winter has yet to arrive. However fashion is always ahead.

And to already see what it’s all going to be this coming spring and summer an article full of pictures’s.

Where do we go and what do we wear

Many people are already thinking about where they want to go next year for summer vacation. Finally, you have to book well in advance if you want to have a nice house or place at the campsite. So it is with fashion. It is always far ahead and that is not strange. In January the winter fashion goes on sale and the spring and summer fashion appears in the shop windows.

Hence the nice combination that in one week I could come and see both the winter and spring-summer collection.

Impulse buys

I don’t want to claim that I am always in the latest fashion or first in something new. It’s usually the case that I only go shopping when I really need something. For the boys this is different, I do much more impulse purchases for them.

Even though they may not need it right away, but I like it so much. Then sometimes I still want to buy it for them.

Spring-Summer collection 2019

I was invited to come and see the spring and summer collection 2019. My first reaction when I entered was that the colors looked so nice and fresh and summery. Lots of pink for the young ladies from LE BIG and others and pretty catchy colors in boys fashion. We ladies may walk in bright dresses next year and the men can indulge in the tough denim of Amsterdenim. In fact I immediately felt like summer again.

Because these cheerful fresh colors are just right for me.

spring summer collection 2019

spring summer collection 2019

spring summer collection 2019

spring summer collection 2019

What else is hip this Spring and Summer?

Well besides clothes there was also other practical items on display, such as the Pura pacifier and spout bottles. Rain boots from Aigle and for me really favorites: very nice bags from Bulaggi, in the most summery colors.

spring summer collection 2019

spring-summer collection 2019

I also really liked the hiking boots from Hanwag. We hike a lot, especially in the mountains in summer. Then we wear good footwear. I noticed earlier that walking shoes are actually starting to look better and better. In 2001, I went traveling with my sister for six months through America.

We wore our hiking boots on the plane back then. I remember we said to each other, ‘this is not a face’. From those clunky shoes. It’s not like that anymore. So I really liked the hiking boots with pink accent by Hanwag and these are great to put on for a walk in the woods as well.

The great thing about this brand is that they now have walking shoes specifically for people with hallux valgus toes. These are wider at the front so the toe has more room. So even then you can walk pain free.

The spring and summer fashion is totally; my style and I will succeed for the boys too. The winter sale didn’t work out. There was little in the eldest’s size and the crowds were a bit too much for me too.

Here’s another look at the Spring and Summer collection:

spring and summer collection 2019, what to wear?

We are of course still in the winter collection but what do you think of the colors in the coming spring and summer??