Make your own furniture with sheet material

Making your own furniture with sheet material

Make your own making furniture, a cabinet, a desk or a dining table? You can do that with chipboard or MDF boards! In fact, most IKEA furniture is made of particle board.

In this article everything you need to know about this sheet material to make furniture yourself.

Make furniture with chipboard

Chipboard is the most popular board material. It is made of wood fibers glued together and there are different qualities available. The finer the wood fibers are pressed, the stronger the particleboards are. When you buy furniture made from chipboard, it is usually delivered as a kit.

You can assemble them yourself, or ask for them to be assembled upon delivery. Do not disassemble the furniture after that, because chipboard can dry out after a long time, making it break faster. Making your own furniture from chipboard?

You can do that too! Buy a chipboard from IntriPlex and start making your own.

Or work with MDF boards

Besides chipboard, you have many other types of sheet material. An example is Medium Density Floorboard, also known as MDF. This sheet material can be beautifully finished with decorative foil or paint, for example. A great advantage of MDF is that it is not very fragile.

It is similar to chipboard except that MDF has a higher density.

Beware of moisture

Sheet material is not very resistant to moisture. Is the sheet material damaged by moisture? Then make sure you get this fixed right away, because otherwise the damage could get worse. Do not place furniture made from chipboard directly on the floor, especially on floors that are often mopped. This moisture can soak into the furniture and cause damage.

You can also use special furniture caps for this purpose.

Make your own furniture with sheet material

It’s not difficult to make your own furniture from sheet metal, even if you don’t have expensive tools. Just a good blueprint of what you want to make is enough. With the blueprint you can have the sheet material cut to size at your local hardware store so you don’t have to do it yourself at home. Then it’s almost just a matter of putting together!

How nice it is to have your homemade cabinets in the living room, but also keep in mind the tips above for long-lasting pleasure for your homemade furniture.