What do you put on a birth announcement

What to put on a birth announcement card?

No, don't panic. I don't have to think about a birth announcement card anymore. I am not pregnant. I do have two children and therefore have sent birth announcements twice.

But what do you put on a birth announcement card?? What belongs and what choices do you have? I will also give you some tips for trendy birth announcement cards, in case you are still looking.

What to put on a birth announcement card?

When I was expecting our little man, I finally got to pick out a birth announcement card. Incredibly fun to do but also very difficult. After we had chosen a design, I looked into the things you can put on a card.

What do you put on a birth announcement card? Are there things that should be on ‘should’? I made a list of the things we had on birth announcements for both children.

Birth announcement checklist

  • Name (first name, Christian name, last name)
  • Date of birth
  • What time your baby was born*
  • Weight
  • Length*
  • Poem or saying *
  • Address
  • Daughter/son of…, brother/sister of…
  • Possible visiting address
  • Any visiting hours for maternity visits. When do mommy and baby sleep?
  • Invitations for the baby shower

The subjects with a ‘*’ are of course optional as well. My children were born in the hospital and both were not measured there. We did not put the length on the birth announcement card.

We thought it would be nice to include the time they were born. Of course this also does not have to be. The same goes for a poem or a saying. Most people like it but it is not a must.

Furthermore, it is useful to indicate when you want to receive maternity visitors. Do you want it at certain times, can people come by spontaneously or do they have to call in advance? You see, there is a lot of thinking that goes into a birth announcement card.

Where do I find trendy birth announcement cards?

In our search, at the time, for a beautiful birth announcement, we searched quite a bit. We went by the printer, scoured the internet and were in contact with a graphic designer. If I had known about the website Birthpost at the time, I might have chosen a completely different card.

You will find a lot of birth announcement cards on this website. The best part is that you can see exactly what your birth announcement will look like if you enter everything from the checklist above. So you immediately get a good picture of your desired card. You can even order a free proof. With such’a proof you immediately have an idea of what you want on your card and what the final result will look like.

If you really like trendy birth announcement cards then you should definitely click through. The assortment is very varied and the quality of the cards is very nice.

what to put on a birth announcement card 1

Do you have any additions to the checklist? What exactly would you NOT put on it?


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