What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels

What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels?

Solar panels, do you already have them on your house? You see them more and more in the streets, get more advertising in the bus with offers, but there are still many people who hesitate. What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels?

I put everything in a row.

Advantages and disadvantages of solar panels

You hear and see it more often, people who buy solar panels. There are just so many advantages to installing solar panels on the roof of your house or shed. However, people often still have questions whether these advantages will count for their house and their roof.

Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels in this article.

The advantages

First the advantages:

You can save money with solar panels

The purchase of solar panels costs money, so first you will invest in costs. But once the sun starts shining and the panels do their work, then you will start saving money and even earn money from this. On average, solar panels last about 25 years, so you can assume that after about 6-8 years you will have earned back your investment.

The first years you will not immediately earn money, but you know that at some point you will.

Increase the value of your home

Do you ever look on Funda for another home? Then you will also see that there are energy labels with the houses. Solar panels can be beneficial to this energy label.

In addition, your home can increase in values when you have a solar panel installation on your roof. After all, the monthly costs for the next occupant will be lower.

The sun provides energy

The sun makes the appliances in your home work. So you do not need an energy supplier. You could look for a supplier with an extra low gas tariff.

Read all about it and get informed.

Green energy

Solar panels generate green electricity. Nice to be sustainable and do your bit for the environment.

Disadvantages solar panels

Now besides the advantages, there are also disadvantages to solar panels:

It takes a long time before you earn your money back

The advantages of solar panels are that you can earn back your investment within 6 to 8 years, which can be an advantage, but also a disadvantage. Finally, it just takes a long time before you start seeing a return on your purchase.

Your home must have space for installation

The heart of the installation of the solar panels will be in the meter box, near the boiler. So you must have enough space for this.

Your home is less attractive

Not everyone likes solar panels on the roof. Finally, the appearance of your house changes.

There are more costs involved

To make solar panels work properly you will have to clean them yourself or have them cleaned and this costs money. Take this into account as well.

Are solar panels something for my house

If you have now read about the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels and would like to opt for solar energy on your roof, there are still three factors that play a role in how much energy you save, namely: your energy consumption, the amount of panels that can be placed and the position and angle of your roof. Be well informed before you buy. Read the advantages and disadvantages and discuss the possibilities.