What can you do yourself for beautiful skin

What you can do yourself for a beautiful skin?

A beautiful skin, we all want and the beauty salons benefit. People want to look young and have their skin treated by beauticians. But you can also do a lot yourself for a beautiful and healthy skin.

How? You can read that here.

The decrease of collagen

We all want fresh skin and a vital appearance. Our skin is the largest organ, but it has the disadvantage that from a young age the aging process begins. The reason for this is that the collagen build-up decreases with age.

There is little you can do about this, but you can reduce the process by living healthy and exercising enough. This can help you maintain beautiful skin.

Care and treatment

Many people swear by certain creams and gels to camouflage imperfections. Question is whether these softeners are actually effective. Often they only have a skin care effect and do not improve the skin because they do not penetrate the skin sufficiently.

Treatment advice from a skin therapist can be effective through targeted treatments such as microdermabrasion or fruit acid peeling. The aim is to boost the skin by stimulating the production of new skin cells and maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

Food and exercise

A healthy lifestyle is incredibly important for ensuring beautiful skin. Little alcohol, no smoking, healthy food and enough exercise take care of this. Leafy vegetables, lentils, salmon and citrus fruits contain the necessary proteins. It is not only good for the skin, but contributes to good muscles and bones. If you can’t eat responsibly, supplements or drinks with collagen powder can help.

Drinks are offered as powdered shake drinks.

Too much sun is harmful

It’s obvious and we all know it, but too much sun is harmful to your skin. And now that summer is upon us, the sun is frequently present. UV radiation in particular stimulates the skin aging process.

The skin becomes less flexible because the elastin in the skin hardens. The skin gradually becomes less firm and starts to show wrinkles and folds. Long-term exposure to the sun is harmful to the skin anyway and can even lead to skin cancer.

More and more people in the Netherlands are being diagnosed with skin cancer, of which basal cell carcinoma is the most common form.

Eternal youth

Beautiful skin is one thing, but sometimes people want to keep that feeling of tight and young skin. A rigorous treatment then is a facelift in which the skin, muscle and connective tissue are tightened. A rytidectomy is a surgical procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon. There are several possible variations such as a complete or partial facelift.

Costs for cosmetic surgery are usually not covered by health insurance. A full treatment costs about 5 euro.000 euros.

Take good care of your skin

This is another good reason to take good care of your skin, eat healthy food and exercise, stay away from too much sunlight and sleep well. Cheaper and also good for beautiful skin.