We were told we are being evicted

We were told we are being evicted from our home

Yes, you read it right. Yesterday we were told that we will be evicted from the house. Not immediately, no we will get a considerable term. Where to go then? No idea.

That was not mentioned either. But it was clear that our task is then apparently over. As soon as the little man is big enough we have to leave our house.

We were told we are being evicted from the house

No, no need to panic. In fact, I received this announcement highly personally from my (almost) toddler. Sir and I had a little conversation. Such’a typical conversation we all have with our toddlers and preschoolers from time to time. They fire us and we have to answer everything.

In our case, these are regular why-questions. So this time the conclusion was that we are being evicted from the house.

Having babies’s

Little man wondered if his sister would have a baby later too. I told you it could be. If she finds a sweet man (partner or something along those lines) and she wants a baby then I hope she is granted that too. I asked him if he wanted a baby too. Well, he didn’t really think that was necessary but then he wanted to be the man for his sister.

So he’s not quite up to speed with the flowers and the bees yet but for now it’s just cute. He just always wants to take care of his sister.

‘You’ll have to move out then.’

Super cute, I hear you thinking. That was indeed my first thought. The little man would take care of his sister and his sister would , next, have a baby. Then he remembered that he will be just as big as daddy. A grown man (something like that) who will take care of the house and look after himself.

So Mr. continued his story; ‘You have to move then, mommy’. ‘And Daddy too’. Well, there you are with your good behavior. So when the little guy is big enough we will be evicted from our own home without pardon.

I asked him where we would have to live but I don’t think he could lose sleep over that.

The house stays in the family

In the end the little man did tell us that his sister’s baby would have a baby too. Then he would move himself. He then makes way for the successors. That baby would be another boy and then there would be another man in the house.

In the end it became a very complicated story but his intention is that our house stays in the family. The latter would obviously be a cool idea.

What you can’t think about when you’re 3.5 years old.

Are your children also sometimes ‘busy’with the future? Hopefully you won’t be evicted. 😉

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