What you all need if you want to learn calligraphy

What you need to learn calligraphy

Do you like to make your own cards, write letters or post cards, but just by hand? Then it’s fun to try writing with a crown pen or calligraphy pen. Crelando has a very nice calligraphy set that has 30 pieces (including cards).

With this set you can learn calligraphy in your own time and in your own way.

Learning Calligraphy

Learn calligraphy with this 30 piece set from Crelando. This set is from Lidl, but you can also buy it online. The Calligraphy set includes a pen, various pen attachments, ink and cards.

What is calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of calligraphy. Calligraphy can be used to make some really fun things, such as a birthday card, a menu card for Christmas or a label to attach to a present.

How to learn to write elegant letters

Learning calligraphy is learning to write elegant letters. A good technique is important. But good material too.

In the set from Crelando you will find different nibs. Important is to practice and to see and feel what each nib can do and which one you like best. And that is also the fun of learning calligraphy, just simply ‘practicing’.

You can order workbooks to practice the decorative letters, but you can also very well watch video’s on Youtube or look up examples on Pinterest and get started with this.

A pen holder with multiple nibs

The advantage of a calligraphy pen is that you only need one pen holder. You can use these with different nibs to make letters in different ways.

You can order the calligraphy set I use here

Calligraphy can be learned

It’s fun to learn calligraphy, not only for yourself it can be a fun creative hobby, but you can also make some really fun cards with it. Sometimes it is just that little bit extra when you make extra effort to brighten up a card with beautiful letters. The nice thing is also that you really see results when you start practicing.